Electricity and Electrical Appliances Exhibition

The latest technologies, products, and innovations in the sector will meet electric engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, and industry professionals at the Electricity Eurasia – Electricity and Electrical Appliances Exhibition, which will be held within those days On 24-26 April 2025  with the 29th ICCI International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference at Istanbul Expo Center in Yeşilköy.

The Electricity Eurasia exhibition will showcase many products related to energy production, distribution, and usage, including generators, devices that provide energy efficiency and savings, lighting systems, power transmission and distribution equipment, solar energy, wind energy, smart grids, electric vehicles, and renewable energy technologies, among other innovations and latest trends.

It is expected that the world’s transmission and distribution lines will increase by more than 30% to reach an estimated 94 million kilometers by 2035 in order to meet the growing demand for electricity, with an estimated cost of over 310 billion dollars per year. Evaluate the opportunities in the global transmission and distribution sector at Electricity Eurasia.